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October 6, 2020

7 best covid travel tips

7 best covid travel tips

1.  Pack along a kit containing disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and snacks that you can rely on when you are hungry and having trouble finding a reliable open spot to purchase food.  

2.  Also pack plastic sandwich bags in your kit.  Use them to contain various items, including your mask when you take it off (folded inside in) and perhaps items found while beachcombing.  

3.  Use a plastic sandwich bag to cover a hotel’s often germy TV channel changer. Note that I had to pry the remote out of my forgetful husband’s hand to accomplish this, followed by a round of hand sanitizer.

remote control inside plastic baggie

4.  Finding restrooms can be a problem.  Many formerly reliable options are now closed.  When driving, plan to stop at rest stops, where restrooms are usually reliable but not always clean, or at a Chevron gas station, which reliably offers clean restrooms.  Remember not to use the air hand dryer.  

5.  If staying in a hotel, open windows when possible and air out your guest room for a few hours.  

6.  If staying in the same room more than one day, request that your room not to be cleaned on the second and third days and that no staff person enters the room on those days.  You can request extra towels and amenities at the desk when you return for the night.

7.  Pack along your own pillows. Doing this made me feel more secure since I smother my face in them.  

pillows in opensuitcase

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