October 6, 2020

7 best COVID-19 travel tips

I have personally tested these tips.  Recently, due to the death of my mother, I had to take two long car trips during the pandemic.  The trips were far from fun as I was dealing with my emotions about my mom as well as my fears and concerns about COVID-19.  And then, since the trips were from one end of California to the other, there was also the smoke and fires.  

on the road

1.  Pack along a kit containing disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and snacks that you can rely on when you are hungry and having trouble finding an open spot to purchase food.  

2.  Also pack plastic sandwich bags in your kit.  Use them to contain various items, including your mask when you take it off (folded inside in) and perhaps items found while beachcombing.  

3.  Finding restrooms can be a problem.  Many formerly reliable options are now closed.  When driving, plan to stop at rest stops, where restrooms are usually open but not always clean, or at a Chevron gas station, which reliably offers clean restrooms.  (Note that I just experienced a Chevron station in Livermore, California, that has closed its restrooms.)  Remember not to use the hand-dryer blowers because they move air around in a way that isn't advised.  

in a hotel

4.  If staying in a hotel, check ahead regarding safety protocols.  Best are those that keep rooms empty for 24 to 72 hours between guests.  Use some of those disinfectant wipes to wipe down light switches, door knobs, and TV remotes (see #6 below).  Open windows when possible to promote air circulation, and air out your guest room for a few hours.  Better yet, since all guest rooms do not have windows that open, book a room with a balcony or terrace.  

5.  If staying in the same room more than one day, request that your room not to be cleaned on the second and third days and that no staff person enters the room on those days.  You can request extra towels and amenities at the desk when you return for the night.  Always wash your hands as soon as you re-enter your room.  

6.  Use a plastic sandwich bag to cover a hotel’s often germy TV channel changer. Note that I had to pry the remote out of my forgetful husband’s hand to accomplish this, followed by a round of hand sanitizer.

remote control inside plastic baggie

7.  Pack along your own pillows. Doing this made me feel more secure since I smother my face in them.  

pillows in opensuitcase

More ideas for travel adventures in Southern California and the U.S. and around the world.

©2020 Carole Terwilliger Meyers


  1. I've been traveling a bit too and it's great to get some new tips. Thanks.

  2. Great tips. I'll definitely keep them in mind as I start to travel again -- someday soon, I hope. About restrooms -- that's a reason we haven't even taken a road trip in the past several months. I like your idea about putting the remote control in a plastic sandwich bag!

  3. Long before the coronavirus surfaced, we were practicing many of these techniques. For us, it has not been a major change to our process, except for the addition of masks.

  4. Great tips for traveling in the States. We are currently in lockdown so travel is far away and long ago. . .sigh.

  5. Some useful tips here - looking forward to being able to travel more extensively again!


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