Monday, August 10, 2015

Things to Do: Sabon, NYC

Sabon  123 Prince St., Soho, (212) 982-0968.  The first Sabon in America—it is an Israeli business--is in Greenwich Village and more are located all around the town, but the one I prefer is this tiny one in Soho.  Most visits begin with the hand-washing ritual at a basin in the center of the shop.
hand-washing ritual at Sabon shop in NYC

Then you can stroll the store and enjoy your smooth hands while your decide what to purchase.
interior of Sabon shop in NYC

My favorite fragrance is their signature patchouli-lavender-vanilla.  I have this in body lotion, hand cream, foot cream, and a bath bomb that discreetly emits its fragrance throughout the bathroom as it waits to be used.
products at Sabon shop in NYC

soaps at Sabon shop in NYC

In addition, I received from my children a gift of the salt scrub—which leaves some oil behind that is a great moisturizer and barrier for skin—and a mineral powder soak that absorbs into the skin.  Happy birthday to me!  C’est bon!
my birthday gift, from Sabon shop in NYC

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