July 22, 2015

NYC: See the Flatiron District; things to do


Flatiron Building  

175 Fifth Ave./23rd St. 

This early 21-story skyscraper Flatiron Building was designed with a wedge shape by architect Daniel Burnham because the building needed to fill a triangular space created by the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway.  Built in 1902, it is actually covered with limestone and terra-cotta, not iron, and at its narrowest end measures only 6 feet across.  It was originally named the Fuller Building, then became known as "Burnham's Folly" because people were sure it would fall down, and now is named for its resemblance to the handheld clothing appliance.

Flatiron Building in NYC
Flatiron Building in NYC

Free walking tours of the Flatiron District 

are scheduled every Sunday at 11 a.m.  Meet at the southwest corner of Madison Square Park (23rd Street and Broadway).  In addition to viewing the famous Flatiron Building, this 90-minute tour includes other notable landmarks--the New York Life Insurance Building, the MetLife Clock Tower, the Appellate Courthouse.  You can also download a free self-guided walking tour.

23rd Street Subway Station  

Pop down here if you can to take whimsical selfies under a crown or hat painted onto the tiles. 

rider wears crown at 23rd Street subway station in NYCrider wears hat at 23rd Street subway station in NYC

rider wears crown at 23rd Street subway station in NYC

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  1. It's amazing to think that the whole shape of NYC now is based on the technology first used in these early skyscrapers: the safety elevator. If that hadn't been invented, the whole skyline wouldn't have gone more than 6 floors high. And the Flatiron Building remains a beauty!


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