March 31, 2014

Dublin, Ireland: Grafton Street + Bewley’s Cafe & Restaurant + Statue of Molly Malone; things to do + restaurant review

Grafton Street  

Dublin 2.  

Dublin’s main shopping area--Grafton Street--runs right through the city center.  Now a pedestrian-only zone during business hours, this red brick-paved street stretches for several blocks and is home to international stores as well as local gems.  Though crowded with shoppers on Saturdays, it is always a fine place to stroll and be entertained by street performers or to peel off for a side-street restaurant. 

coffees and sweets at Bewley’s Cafe & Restaurant in Dublin, Ireland

Bewley’s Cafe & Restaurant  

78-79 Grafton St.  

Dublin’s oldest and biggest cafe, this place has been around since 1927 and is famous for its architecture and Harry Clarke windows.  Check out the bakery section in front as you enter so you know what you want to order when you sit down; then find a seat in the small cafe area in front or in the larger open room in back.  You can also go upstairs to the third floor and sit on an open-air balcony overlooking Grafton Street.  In addition to house-roasted coffee, huge scones, sticky sticky buns, and glittery frosted cupcakes are on the menu.  So is stew and shepherd’s pie, and take-out is an option. 

Bewley’s Cafe Theatre presents afternoon shows and evening entertainment on the second floor.

Statue of Molly Malone on Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland

Statue of Molly Malone  

This 18th-century street vendor is nicknamed “the tart with the cart” and “the dish with the fish.”

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