January 21, 2013

Introduction to AKKO or ACCO or ACRE in Israel

Known by three names--AKKO or ACCO or ACRE--this ancient port city is located 14 miles north of Haifa.  A 5,000-year-old fortress on the Mediterranean, it was the capital of the ancient Crusader kingdom of St. Jean d'Acre.  It was also the city that Napoleon was unable to conquer in 1799, bringing an end to France's ambition to reach India.  A tunnel once connected the palace with the little village.  Today, the old walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  An atmospheric spice shop in the market is worth seeking out.

spice vendor in Akko, Israel
spice vendor in Akko, Israel

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image and video c2013 Carole Terwilliger Meyers

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