January 11, 2009

San Diego, California: SD Chicken Pie Shop; restaurant review

SD Chicken Pie Shop  2633 El Cajon Blvd./Oregon, NE of Balboa Park, (Texas St. south exit off Hwy. 8, then left on El Cajon), North Park, (619) 295-0156.  Daily 8-8; $.  Free parking lot in back. 

Formerly known as Chicken Pie Shop of San Diego.  Founded before World War II in 1938, this area institution especially appeals to senior citizens--many of whom have patronized it ever since.  The original location was downtown on Fifth Avenue near B Street, with a branch at Fifth and Robinson in Hillcrest.  The dinner then cost 35 cents.  In 1970, the branch moved across the street and the original downtown location closed.  In 1990, it relocated here.

counter at SD Chicken Pie Shop in San Diego, California

Seating is in comfortable booths, at tables and chairs, and at a row of swivel stools at a low old-time counter. Chicken decorations are found throughout the large one-room restaurant and include a fabulous collection of ‘50s ceramic chickens.

chicken pie dinner at SD Chicken Pie Shop in San Diego, California

The celebrated menu item here is the $8.10 fresh-from-the-oven chicken-turkey pot pie dinner.  The pie is stuffed with shredded chicken and turkey in gravy, has a good crust, and includes on the side mashed potatoes, a frozen vegetable, a tasty coleslaw, a big roll with real butter, and dessert pie (my faves are the sour cherry and chocolate cream).  Though the chicken pie looks more like a cheeseburger when it is served, it is actually hidden under all the yellow gravy and quite delicious.  More menu items include baked ham, roast sirloin, chicken-fried steak, fried chicken, hamburgers, and steaks.  Meal delivery is by trolleys—an unusual sight except in Chinese dim sum restaurants. 

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January 8, 2009

Look Out--You Might Be Next

Things are so bad out there in the air that you just have to laugh sometimes to relieve the tension.

January 6, 2009

Los Angeles, California: Restaurante Monte Alban; restaurant review

Restaurante Monte Alban  11929 Santa Monica Blvd./Brockton, nr. Bundy, in shopping strip, (310) 444-7736. B-L-D daily; $.

Named for a ruins outside Oaxaca, Mexico, this cozy cafe is inside a shuttered, cave-like space decorated with mural-painted walls, paver-tile floors, Oaxacan woven tablecloths, and heavy carved-wood chairs. The authentic regional dishes of Oaxaca include specialties such as taco de barbacoa (handmade corn tortilla filled with goat stew); spectacular moles: green, red, and the supreme black; fabulous tortilla soup; and rice nicuatole (corn pudding). Favorite items are the black mole tamale wrapped in a banana leaf, baked talapia, pork with red mole, and chile relleno de piccadillo.

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January 4, 2009

Shame on Matt

Shame on Matt

It is disappointing to learn that something so joyful and happy as Matt dancing around the world is fake. A world traveler myself, and according to Matt one of the "suckers," I wished I had thought of the real concept myself and that I had the time to go back to various sites and do the same thing. For real, I have been able to post a selection of images of me taken in various scenic spots around the world--something easy for anyone to do. Check it out.

As you can see, I actually gave Matt a link at the top of this page. It will stay for now, but with a new link revealing the scam.

postscript: Apparently Matt was making a joke in the videotaped talk mentioned above. Now, apparently, we weren't suckers for believing he danced around the world, but we were suckers for believing him telling us on video that it wasn't for real. Hmmm, just which story ARE we supposed to believe?  Read about it.

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