Friday, October 20, 2017

Good Eats: Qin Shan Zhai Restaurant, Chengdu, China

Qin Shan Zhai Restaurant  No.247 Temple of Marquis Street, Wuhou District.  Located just next door to the historic and cultural site--the Temple of Marquis--this two-story restaurant consists of a warren of dining rooms that evoke old Sichuan culture and the customs of Old Chengdu.  The specialty here is medicinal foods, or the Chinese Medicated Diet, which is a blend of traditional Chinese medicine and culinary philosophy.  It is the first restaurant in China to advocate this cuisine. 

hot pepper dish at Qin Shan Zhai Restaurant in Chengdu, China
hot pepper dish at Qin Shan Zhai Restaurant in Chengdu, China

The signature dish---Ba Wang Bie Ji, named after the movie “Farewell My Concubine”--is an aromatic chicken soup made with various medicinal herbs.  When the soup turns white it is done.  The dish is good for your health and hard to find outside of Chengdu.  The restaurant is also a feast for your eyes, with a miniature classic garden featuring rockeries, corridors, pavilions, and bridges blending with waterfalls and plants. Sometimes, short cultural performances are presented that sometimes include snippets of Peking Opera. 

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