Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good Eats: Kefi Greek Cuisine, NYC

Kefi Greek Cuisine  505 Columbus Ave./84th St., (212) 873-0200.  L M-F, D daily, Sat-Sun Br; $$.

Luxuriously spacious, this Greek taverna has a lower bar level separated by a few steps from the upper-level main dining room.  I was dining with my daughter and infant granddaughter, so we were pleased to be able to bring in the stroller and have the baby next to our table on the bar level.

Lunch items included pita triangles with a delicious array of spreads and a spectacular pickled beet salad with string beans and Greek yogurt.  I advise skipping the eggs dishes, which are really “eggy” and bland.  This day we stuck to vegetarian items, but delicacies include housemade sausages and octopus items as well as more Greek dishes.

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